Life Retuning Treatment

What is Life Retuning and Why is it Different from Other Treatments?

Life Retuning is a new modality of treatment for emotional, mental and physical discomfort which combines the laws of quantum physics with ancient esoteric knowledge. The treatment works on every level of consciousness and incorporates the human energy field and the chakras to track self-limiting energy pathways which are manifesting in a current problem. By reading the human energy field and applying that information through tapping specific sequences of meridian points, Life Retuning eliminates the mechanism which is creating that problem and therefore the problem disappears.

Life Retuning is not based on assumption, deduction, treatment templates, intuition, belief or standardised treatment. Instead, it reads the human energy field as a data base of information which reveals what is needed to deactivate a self-limiting behaviour. That information is translated into the active treatment.

What Happens in a Treatment?

During a treatment, a Life Retuning Practitioner will keep questioning about a problem to a minimum because it is not a talking therapy. The Practitioner will identify ‘seed traumas’ in the client’s life which have contributed to the current problem. These may or may not be consciously remembered. If they are not consciously remembered, this does not affect the treatment. The Retuning can still take place.  A client will experience muscle testing and then the Practitioner will indicate specific points on and off the body which the client needs to tap. The Practitioner will check back with the client at intervals to see how the distressing feeling or thought is improving. The Practitioner will make sure that all aspects of the problem which are ready to be treated are dealt with.

What Can I expect Afterwards?

During a Life Retuning session, huge shifts of energy take place. Energy changes take place very fast, but the physical brain is sometimes slow to catch up with what has happened to the mind’s perception. A state of discombobulation can take place for a short while. This means that people can often be a little light-headed and not quite sure of how they feel. The mind has been cleared of distressing thoughts and emotions that it has been carrying, sometimes for years and it now needs to adjust to the new state. When the Life Retuning has eliminated tension in the body and mind sometimes a person’s system needs to go into a healing sleep.

The effects of a Life Retuning session may be immediately obvious as old patterns of thinking and feeling change very rapidly. Usually those changes are already evident during the session. A client may experience a numb feeling replacing emotional distress, or a feeling of excitement about trying out something they could not previously do. Once the perception of a problem has changed, the usual result is that the change will be permanent.

Likely Amount of Treatments

It depends on the complexity of an issue as to how many Life Retuning sessions a client needs but in general most courses of treatment do not go over 3 sessions. Often, 1 session is all that is needed for most issues.




Is Life Retuning painful in any way?

No, there is no physical pain involved in the treatment. You may experience some emotional upset during a Retune, but because the method is fast this should only last usually for a few minutes.

Is it safe?

Yes it is safe. Based on research done into Thought Field Therapy, the original Energy Psychology which has been around for 30 years and also uses tapping on the meridian points. No harm has been recorded during that time. Life Retuning is based on the same principles.

What does a treatment involve?

A Life Retuning session starts with the present problem being identified by a client. Through muscle testing, the client’s energy field is then worked on to find all of the significant times in a client’s life which have contributed to the current problem. This is called Tracking. It is not necessary for the client to be consciously aware of what the memory is or to have any idea of what happened to them. Each memory is Retuned by tapping meridian points and chakric locations on and off the body in varying but specific sequences. Due to Tracking, the current problem reduces or is eliminated altogether without any work being done on it. If there is any of the problem left after the Tracking, then a Retune is done on what remains of it. The client’s whole perception changes from feeling that there is a problem to not experiencing any further distress.

Is Life Retuning suitable for children?

A person of any age can benefit from a Life Retuning session. A child would need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Because Life Retuning is not a talking therapy but works with the human energy field, even a very young child can be treated.

Does Life Retuning have any side-effects?

There are no physical side effects with the treatment. A client may feel a little spaced out or disorientated after a session but the state normally passes quite quickly and can be equated to a mellow state after a massage. Because of the huge shifts of energy taking place during a session a client may feel very tired or spaced-out for a while after a Retune. Often this is a natural reaction to the body having let go of a lot of stress and going into a healing state which can involve needing to sleep. As Life Retuning works to release issues on a very deep level, it is sometimes possible that the mind can bring up some more layers of an issue. Clients are always encouraged at the end of a treatment to let the Practitioner know immediately if this happens so a Retune can be done on what remains of a problem.

How successful are the techniques?

Life Retuning has a high percentage success rate. Thought Field Therapy which is the original Energy Psychology reports success rates of between 80-90%. Life Retuning is even more accurate and thorough in dealing with a problem.

I’m a die-hard sceptic. What if I don’t believe the treatment will work?

Because Life Retuning is not a talking therapy, it is not based on finding logical reasons for a problem. The treatment bypasses the usual logical blocks to success because it works on the energetic level following a scientific process. Energetic changes occur regardless of whether a client believes the treatment will or will not work. Consider gravity, it exists whether or not a person believes in it or not.

If Life Retuning is so revolutionary, why haven’t I heard of it before now?

Energy Psychology has been around for over 30 years with the discoveries of Dr. Roger Callahan. Life Retuning is the natural progression and next step in the evolution of quantum treatment.

What proof is there that Life Retuning has beneficial effects on the nervous system?

Apart from the reports of clients who have felt better after a Life Retuning treatment, the Heart Rate Variability scan shows beneficial changes in stress levels. Heart Rate Variability is an accurate monitor of stress affecting the autonomic nervous system and is used in hospitals especially with heart patients. The monitor meets the standards of the European Society of Cardiology and the American Society of Pacing and Electrophysiology. Because Life Retuning removes stress from the system, this can be clearly seen in the improved results before and after a session.

How long does the process take and how often should I do the techniques?

A Life Retuning Tracking will take as long as the human energy field indicates that there is still something to treat. It is very clear when the process is complete. An average Retuning session will take and hour to hour ½ . A client will only need to apply techniques after the session if the Practitioner indicates that it would be beneficial or necessary. Not all treatments will require this.

Is it a quick fix?

Life Retuning is a deep and thorough treatment. It works to permanently change the mind’s perception about a situation or problem. Because your Practitioner is working with frequencies of energy, the effects take place on the subatomic level. The result of those changes can be seen in the way that distressing emotions do not trigger again and clients find it possible after a treatment, to achieve things they could not attempt before their Life Retuning session. The mind learns very quickly to accept the changes as it has no further recollection of any upset associated with past related experiences. The changes become the new reality.

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