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Aequante Therapies

Cheryl Cornwell MLRA

Fully qualified Life Retuner and full member of the Life Retuning Academy. An experienced holistic therapist concentrating on healing and supporting the wellbeing of both the mind and body. Aequante Therapies concentrates on supporting the healing of all areas, some of which include: stress, anxiety, aches and pains, fears and phobias. Cheryl is also experienced in supporting the needs of children and families.



Telephone:   07500757263

                       01425 839678



Inspiration For Change


Ann Noble MLRA

I untie the knots of your life freeing you to move forward.
Together we tear down the walls of hurt and pain allowing the true you to shine.

I have helped people with:

● Anxiety                                            ● Feeling blocked
● Anger                                               ● Lack of abundance (money)
● Abusive relationships                    ● Fear
● Bereavement / Grief                       ● Self confidence

After working with me, my clients have reported feeling; calmer, at peace, released, clearer, happier and have seen positive changes in their lives.

I look forward to working with you.



Contact Number: 01794 388078

Location: Kings Somborne, Stockbridge, Hampshire





Lis Horwich Empowerment Coach


For the past 22 years my work and personal life has revolved around ways to guide people to live a happier life; be it turning from despair; ill health or simply lack of life purpose. Through continuous training I am finding ways to enhance the different modalities I offer, embracing serious self-development and discovering unique ways of working with clients.

After formal training and working for some years as a general and commercial business Librarian I re-discovered my true interests and am now a qualified Reflexologist, Reiki Practitioner, Metaphysical Counsellor, EFT Practitioner, Positive Life Coach, Life Retuning Practitioner, Loving Yourself Coach.

As an Empowerment Coach I offer up to six different packages, depending on your own personal need, incorporating a range of different therapies. Life Retuning is part of several of my packages and can also be offered as a single session. I love Life Retuning as the outcome of a session always surprises me, it is remarkable how easily problems can be dissolved. The process is akin to writing your problems in sand on a beach, the waves come and wash away the problem when the tide is right. A session can last up to 1½ hours; after this, another treatment is necessary. As a practitioner I always ensure that all the issues needing to be dealt with in a session are addressed.

Lis Horwich


Tel. 01425 280678