Become a Life Retuning Practitioner

Life Retuning is the cutting-edge modality which combines the new sciences with ancient esoteric knowledge, forging a practical, effective and accurate protocol for healing. If you wish to join the new wave of experts who are obtaining fast, successful results with eliminating human suffering across our planet then consider training in Life Retuning.

There are 2 routes of training through the Life Retuning Academy. No other organisation offers a valid qualification in this modality.



1 –Professional Life Retuning Course – online home study


You can learn Life Retuning over the Internet. The online home study course runs over 15 lessons which you can access and study in the comfort of your own environment. The material includes videos which build the Life Retuning procedures and show you the techniques. It also includes support material which will give you a good understanding of the laws of energy and how to work with them to maximum effect.

Successful completion of this course entitles you to an offer of membership to become an Associate Member of the Life Retuning Academy and to have the letters AMLRA after your name. 3 months after completing the course and submitting some post-course work you will be offered the opportunity to up-grade your membership to Full Member.

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2 – Professional Life Retuning Course 

If you have a group of people who would like to train in Life Retuning we can organise a bespoke intensive training for you. Minimum amount of people is 10 and the course runs over 10 days including 2 revision days. If you wish to enquire further about this option, please send an e-mail to


Foundation 1 Day Course – next date – 19th March 2017

The One Day Course That Will Change Your Life From The Moment You Wake Up

Take the first step into unleashing your exceptional potential. The Foundation Course teaches you Energy Anatomy, the 13 Chakra System taking you through a Deep Chakra Immersion. The course also covers the Auric Landscape and practical exercises which demonstrate the power of your own energy field. This course is very practical and will give you energy tools that you can use daily, helping you to upgrade your life. It is also the first necessary part of the full Life Retuning Practitioner Training. You receive a Certificate of Completion that enables you to take other LRA courses.



Life Retuning Professional Course – next date – 2nd-7th September 2017

This is the definitive course where you will learn the special Life Retuning protocol. The course is intensive and practical. You will be taught how to translate the information held in a person’s energy field, into healing data. Then you will learn how to apply that data into powerful transformative techniques that bring people out of emotional, mental and sensory pain. Life Retuning side-steps the mind and delivers it’s results in a fast and effective way. This course is you if you are looking to start a new career, are a therapist, coach or counsellor who wants to raise the success of your practice by learning energy tools. At the end of the course, after submitting your coursework successfully, you will be eligible to be a professional Life Retuning Practitioner.

For more information about the course, click on the prospectus link below:

Life Retuning Practitioners Course Prospectus 2017 pdf

Advanced Life Retuning Course – for Life Retuning Practitioners

If you are a qualified Life Retuning Practitioner who has taken the Professional Course with the LRA then you are eligible to train in the advanced techniques of treatment protocols.

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Masters of Energy – Science and Spirituality behind Life Retuning

This course is for you if you are a qualified Life Retuning Practitioner who has taken the Professional Course with the LRA and wish to understand energy at a deep level and how to mould it to create powerful changes in your life and the world. To become a Master of Energy.

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