Background of the Life Retuning Academy


Ildiko Scurr Founder of Life Retuning


Hello, my name is Ildiko Scurr and I am the Founder of Life Retuning.

There is a big shift in consciousness happening across our planet. We feel it in our bones. We are becoming more and more dissatisfied with what we see, hear and feel both in the outside world and our own lives.

The old ways of thinking, living and doing things just aren’t working anymore. The door won’t open, the code has changed. The message is the same all over the planet from many sources.

So we need tools for the new age of consciousness that will address our needs and bring us out of the stuck place many of us now find ourselves in. Whether it is in your business, your relationships, your health or your lifestyle, it is time to find a real solution out of the pain. Have you reached a stage where you are no longer prepared to put up with that pain?

I have spent nearly a decade searching for the solution to developing a system which can:

  • Access your self-sabotaging behaviour patterns which are embedded in your unconscious mind without it being necessary for you to go into a trance state.


  • Employ a simple way to uncover and bypass the protection mechanisms of your mind which can block other treatments from being successful.


  • Deal with your unresolved hurt, without having to re-traumatise you by the need for you to talk about upsetting past memories.


  • Speed up emotional healing and making it unnecessary for it to be difficult and long term.


  • Incorporating the subtle energy anatomy of the aura and the chakras in heightening and stabilising your day-to-day existence.


The result of all of that work is a self-empowerment system where Quantum Physics meets ancient Metaphysics in a process which uses energetic information to remove pessimistic self-talk, self-sabotaging behaviour and distressing and crippling emotions. I have developed a powerful, clear and effective system of reading the energetic information of emotions, thoughts and sense memories held in our energy fields. By knowing this information, I have gone on to developed a method of eliminating the negative charge of distressing and blocking behaviour and perceptions without the need to use the mind. I called this system Life Retuning.

Several years ago, I started to use Life Retuning with my clients and I soon found that I was getting extraordinary results with them. Their feedback showed me that the method I had developed was ticking the boxes I had committed to find solutions to, when I started my developmental work. It was as if they were taking off a cloak of pain and stepping out into wellness and peace. I was very excited by what I was witnessing.

My vision became to make Life Retuning available to all those who are suffering emotional and mental torment. I started a training program a couple of years ago in order to have qualified Life Retuning Practitioners across the globe, who would take the modality forward, so that many more people could have access to the system in as many communities as possible. From a small seed, that work is growing daily. My Practitioners are achieving the same extraordinary results using Life Retuning with their own clients. This gives me a tremendous sense of delight and satisfaction. My vision is becoming reality; Life Retuning is serving the world and addressing the needs of the new age of consciousness.

The Life Retuning Academy has been established as a hub centre of information about Life Retuning and where to find treatment in your own country and area. If you wish to take a course and qualify, that information is on this website too.

If you are someone who is actively looking for a solution, are willing to invest in your wellbeing and future and are ready to commit to beneficial change now, then the Life Retuning system is for you.

A Quantum Leap in Healing

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I hope you find that the Life Retuning Academy serves you beneficially and that Life Retuning will become part of your journey of becoming whole.

Bright blessings



Founder of Life Retuning

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